Lifeblood is a workforce development education platform that makes training new employees more fun and efficient.

Lifeblood by definition: The indispensable factor or influence that gives something its strength and vitality.

What is Lifeblood?

Lifeblood is a workforce development education platform that makes it easier to create educational content within your organization while also making it more fun to learn. We utilize Journey based education modules in which your employees, or players, gain Experience Points as they complete their tasks. With other dashboards like the Team Dashboard, Bounties and Prizes, and Echo Notifications- we provide much more than just basic training. We provide a blended training system that helps you motivate, educate, and engage your staff members quickly to decrease their time to profitability and turn over rate. 

Lifeblood is not just a platform or app, it is an education and behavior modification philosophy. We believe that clearly defining the workflows and processes, attaching the correct content along the way, providing motivational challenges, and communicating with your team is the best way to ensure everyone can succeed together. 

Want to improve your company’s training processes and engage new hires?

What can you fix with Lifeblood?

Workflows and Processes

Every organization is as weak as it’s repeatable processes and standards. The problem is usually this is not clearly laid out, and if it is we bet it’s BORING. If you really want your employees to retain and understand workflows and processes, they should be taught them in a digital format that is interesting to follow, easy to track, and easy to update for managers.

Content Management

Training content and all standard necessary documentation and files are crucial to any organization and if your workforce is going to be successful this should all be accessible. However, training content and document templates are usually spread out across multiple resources, not easy to search for, and are not laid out alongside the processes they are related to. Lifeblood allows you to create a central knowledge database that everyone has access to.

Motivation and Challenges

Just because your company has goals and processes in place doesn’t mean everyone is going to stay on track. Lifeblood’s bounty system allows for dynamic rewards and incentives for your organization based on meeting specific performance based goals set by the challenge.


We live in a world full of distractions so even the most dedicated people need a poke and prod from now and then to remind them to stay on schedule. Lifeblood offers email and text notifications based on completion of events, lack of completion, or just when you need to send out a message to specific group on your organization.


For consultants and coaches, we streamline their content based services by handling payments and subscriptions for access to their Lifeblood portal. This allows you to focus on the content and the service and not the tech behind delivering it.

Employee Turnover

Job hopping can become less of a problem when important information and processes don’t leave the business when the whiz kid gets a new job offer.

Changes to Processes

Making changes to processes and making sure everyone understands the new way of doing things can be done with video notifications and by updating the tasks to be completed for a given job. No need for multiple standing meetings and getting everyone in the same room at the same time.

Clarity of Organizational Goals

Organizational goals become clearer and more accessible and employees are more likely to succeed when ‘how to win’ at their job is made more clear.

Participative Management

Management processes become more supportive in nature when goals and needs are established and driven through the software platform rather than delivered in dictatorship style management meetings where the staff is scolded for a lack of performance.

Workplace Distractions

You are in competition for your employees attention constantly with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat among other time wasting online platforms. Now you can beat them in their own pockets by providing a road map for career success accessible from any smartphone, tablet, or desktop.

Education Is Broken

The way we expect people to learn and retain information in today’s world is fairly broken. The idea of providing text information or books that people study from and then take an exam over hardly validates whether or not that person is equipped to do the job. In many cases the information associated with passing the examination is lost or forgotten to prepare for the next examination. It makes much more sense to learn by doing and to receive instant gratification and feedback along the way. In order to keep a subject engaged, we are in competition with many distractions. Keeping a sense of exploration and intrigue is crucial to increasing retention of the information and decreasing interruptions from distractions.

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