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A Better Way To On-board and Train

Businesses and the way they operate are changing at a faster rate than ever before. If we can make understanding how to perform well at a given position an enjoyable training experience, we create intrinsic motivation for the employee to succeed and greatly increase the retention of information. If we can automate what often requires manual labor and management involvement to get someone up to speed and shorten their time line to profitability for their role, we can help fast growing companies become much more agile and unified.

Distill is a flexible on-boarding and training focused Learning Management System platform that drives employee engagement, makes it easy to update processes and standards, and makes your organization more efficient with a central knowledge database. By educating staff members about culture ideologies, standard job role processes, company products, and negotiation tactics in a digital format you can create consistency alongside efficiency and a higher level of employee engagement. In Distill progress can be tracked while users gain experience points by completing tasks and it makes it easy to see what each staff member has learned and quickly make changes to any of the content or processes as you implement new tools or change methods and strategies.

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Problems In Business Addressed By Distill

Employee Turnover

Job hopping can become less of a problem when important information and processes don’t leave the business when the whiz kid gets a new job offer.

Changes to Processes

Making changes to processes and making sure everyone understands the new way of doing things can be done with video notifications and by updating the tasks to be completed for a given job. No need for multiple standing meetings and getting everyone in the same room at the same time.

Clarity of Organizational Goals

Organizational goals become clearer and more accessible and employees are more likely to succeed when ‘how to win’ at their job is made more clear.

Participative Management

Management processes become more supportive in nature when goals and needs are established and driven through the software platform rather than delivered in dictatorship style management meetings where the staff is scolded for a lack of performance.

Workplace Distractions

You are in competition for your employees attention constantly with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat among other time wasting online platforms. Now you can beat them in their own pockets by providing a road map for career success accessible from any smartphone, tablet, or desktop.

A Central knowledge Database

Our belief is that information retention largely relies on overall engagement with the content. An employee handbook or 30 PowerPoints is the best way to guarantee the information is lost or not retained. On average, millennial workers do not expect to keep their current job for more than 2 years and many companies invest as much as $100,000 over the course of 6 months to make an employee ‘profitable’. Our aim is to cut that time frame and cost in half, at least. However, Distill goes a lot further than that.


At the surface, Distill is intended to create a central knowledge database with attached workflows that are engaging to complete. Our platform can also be used for project communication, reporting, and serving motivational challenges.


Businesses are increasingly in competition for their employees’ attention. Over 89% of people reportedly admit to wasting time at work. Additionally, a small raise once a year after a ‘yearly review’ is a really terrible way to motivate a young person to perform. Instead, you can use Bounties within Distill.

Who Uses Distill Now?

Digital Media Agencies

Video production, digital advertising and web development agencies are fast paced work environments that require frequent process updates and changes with new vendors and tools being put in place very rapidly. Distill is currently being used by a variety of digital media agencies to on-board and train staff members through initial HR processes, about the basics of all services offered, and about step by step instructions for common job activities. This is also a great way to educate business development teams and partners on your products and services within a private environment rather than providing publicly available files online.

Medical Offices or Facilities

Chiropractic offices, medical offices, and physical therapists can use Lifeblood to quickly train new staff members. We have worked with offices to create a 30 or 60 day training guideline that walks through every aspect of office management and operations such as opening and closing duties, answering phones, HIPPA compliance policies, Checking in new patients, conducting X-rays, and other medical office-related tasks. This allows you to quickly make changes to the way you do things and keep the whole team informed as well as get new staff members up to speed much faster than with traditional training processes.

Co-Working Spaces and Networking Organizations

A big benefit to joining a co-working space or networking organization is on-going professional development and education. We work with co-working spaces to provide an online database of information about improving your pitch, designing financial models, digital marketing and content marketing strategies, and other entrepreneurial support topics that would be interesting and valuable to their communities. This is also a great way to allow your community to grow together by contributing content to be shared with their colleagues.

Sales Teams

Regardless of the industry you are in, if you are in charge of a sales team Distill is a great platform to manage monthly and weekly sales challenges, drive competition among the team members if that is how you wish to motivate people, and educate the staff on all of the products and services and core features and benefits they should talk about. Providing educational video content on a regular basis can unify company messages without having to organize the staff members to be in the same room. Dynamically deploy negotiation strategies, inform team members of updated pricing or changes to services and products, but most importantly keep everyone on the same page and motivated to succeed. Currently we have sales teams in Marketing, Craft beer, Software As A Service, Construction, and Assisted Living utilizing our platform to drive organizational sales goals and objectives forward.