Our Team

Our team is currently comprised of 3 experienced creative professionals who’s respective areas of expertise greatly complements our current goals and needs. In the coming years, we plan to expand our team quickly and look forward to meeting talented developers and project managers within the technology and software development space. If you ever have future interest in working with Lifeblood, don’t hesitate to ask. Learn more about us below:

Adam Weber

Co-Founder | CEO (Sales, Operations, Process and Content Consulting)

Adam has an extensive background as a creative professional and has been the voice and face of Lifeblood since he and Philip started on the development process in 2016. Graduating from the University of Missouri School of Journalism with a degree in Strategic Communication, he started his professional career in digital advertising and online lead acquisition. Throughout high school and college he worked as a freelance web developer and later found a great interest in audio and video production. In 2014 he co-founded The Evoke Group with Austin Kolb, a full service digital marketing agency boasting over 10 national video production awards in the last 2 years. As Evoke began to scale, he turned to Philip Rawson to build the knowledge base within the organization. The pursuit of an in-house training aid that gamified the sales negotiation and opportunity management process is what later lead to the development of Lifeblood.

Adam has over 10 years of web development experience, has won national awards for web development and video production related creative projects, and has managed a scaling creative team and business since 2014. At 27 he is well versed in sales processes, digital marketing, project management, financial modeling, and lead acquisition. Currently, he is primarily managing the sales and implementation processes with new clients as well as internal marketing efforts.

Philip Rawson

Co-Founder | CPTO (Product Dev, UX, UI Design)

Philip’s background as a creative professional started early with programming and web development classes in high school, leading to his first paid website gig at age 14. Since then he’s dedicated time to learning and diving deep into skillsets ranging from programming, software UI/UX and web development to web design, graphic design, video production, motion graphics, photography, and illustration. With a diverse background under his belt and countless technical and creative projects over the past 15 years, he is the perfect match for tackling many of the challenges that come with building a SaaS business like Lifeblood.

Philip has been leading product development for Lifeblood since it’s inception (incl. coining the name). What started as an effort to scale The Evoke Group’s sales training and education processes with Adam Weber turned into building a tool called “Prospectacular”. It was pretty obvious this v1 app solved a lot of common business problems beyond just sales: processes, content, motivation, communication and payments were all impacted. More importantly, other businesses were asking Evoke how they could get their hands on a tool like this. Before you know it, a new business was formed with the mission of becoming the indispensable factor or influence that gives businesses their strength and vitality. Day in and day out, Philip is dedicated to helping people learn and get things done in their digital and analog lives.

Austin Kolb

Co-Founder | Content Production

Austin has been working professionally as a graphic designer and video producer since his high school years and primarily is responsible for managing all content production processes with our client’s implementation schedules. Austin is extremely well versed in pre-production planning and strategy, video production, and post-production processes. Having won over 11 national video production awards in the past 2 years, he has a lot of experience producing engaging educational content. He currently works with clients either on a consulting basis to help them plan and strategize all the content they will be producing for Lifeblood or in some cases he produces and implements the content when a client is in need of production assistance.

Austin currently manages and operates The Evoke Group but will be transitioning to Lifeblood full time upon replacing his role as the head of the video department for the agency as well as once we have established more video production related commitments with Lifeblood clients.